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Gigabrite was established approximately 25 years ago. The founder of the company has over 35 years experience in the chemical industry, having worked with most of the major players in the chemical field.

Giga-Brite offers an effective range of non-harmful, effective green products with bio enzymes that provide many benefits to all industries and households. We have done extensive research and teamed up with the world’s foremost technologically bio enzyme and sustainable surfaculant producers to offer a reliable, affordable and effective green range of products.

Our commitment to creating a world that is cleaner, greener and smarter. All our products have passed the world’s toughest standards to protect them, their employees and their families including our animal’s health and safety.

Giga-Brite’s main focus is placed on minimising the impact on our planet, putting the power of selection back into the hands of well-informed customers nationally and internationally.

We are committed to continue manufacturing products that are worthy of our green tag certification.

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