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Gigabrite was established approximately 25 years ago. The founder of the company has over 35 years,
experience in the chemical industry, having worked with most of the major players in the chemical field.

Gigabrite has in their employ, specialized personnel who are experienced in their field and our holistic approach and dedication to our clients has made us an extremely successful company.

ln the last year Gigabrite’s clients have been so delighted with our service that the demand for our products and services, despite the recent recession, required us to open branches in Cape Town and Durban and is now expanding higher up into Africa. Our vision is to become the leading chemical supplier in Africa.

At Gigabrite, our commitment to the industry is to provide high quality chemicals, services, accessories and equipment where necessary and our affiliation with various market leaders in these fields ensures we keep our promises!

All our products carry SABS Marks and meet strict international standards therefore we trust we will exceed our customers’ expectations in their various situations, hence our Slogan At Your Surface

We are in proud partnership with various Agents and manufactures, delivering internationally accredited training and certification from management through to production staff.

With headquarters in South Africa, Johannesburg, and integrated management Services in Port Elizabeth South Africa.

A Quality Service in the food safety and HACCP Research and development organization BM Trada a
awarding institution and Certification Body. We also specialise in high-level consulting to governments and municipalities’.

Our staff includes globally recognised PhD-level experts in food safety, HACCP and education. our credentials are broad, with experience spanning public and private sector clients.

We can provide expertise in both content and program / project management.
Our technical capabilities include the end-to-end creation of uniquely high quality and original materials, including photographic examinations, food safety management systems, books, learning environments and a wide variety of communication tools, all of which cater for a comprehensive range of education levels, cultures and languages.

Our internal resource capability is complimented by a network of consultant subject matter experts with deep experience in various specialist disciplines such as agronomy, food nanotechnology , aquaculture and food microbiology.

Giga-Brite bring to the table is a range of unique chemical formulas and other services that enhance the deliverables intrinsic to the training programmes. Furthermore the products support and improve cleaning efficacy when used in conjunction-with the techniques used in the integrated management systems and modules.

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